Helpful SEO Tools To Save You Time

by | Oct 31, 2014

Throughout our years working in SEO, we’ve discovered some pretty amazing tools (mostly from other SEO pros and tech experts) that have helped us identify potential SEO issues and a couple that reduces a 30-minute task down to a few minutes. Here are the ones that we’re most excited about.

Panguin Tool

If you’ve ever wondered if your site was hit by a Google update or penalty, like I have, then the Panguin Tool is the app for you. Designed by the team at Barracuda Digital in London and released last May, this handy little app gives you a straightforward graphic and shows you if, when, and by which update you’ve been hit by. It works by connecting your Google Analytics account and the app will pull a history of your organic visits with an overlay of all of Google’s algorithm updates so you can pinpoint which update your site’s been affected by.

Firefox Developer Tools

I’d like to preface this by stating that I’m not a developer. But the tools for developers contained in the Firefox browser are useful for anyone wanting to get a better look at how their site is running. From being to see how your webpage looks on various screen sizes to seeing the actual dimensions of images (great for determining the file-size of the images). And if you’re more technically inclined, you can even test the HTML and CSS with the live editor before implementing changes.

Code Generators

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not a developer. So in the past when I needed to generate an hreflang or geo tag, or event tracking codes for Analytics, I’d have to call a programmer friend to get it done right. Now I’ve uncovered two very useful tools that quickly do this for me. The Event Tracking Code Generator by SEO Weather allows you to input your GA Event parameters and it will create the necessary code for you to implement into the HTML. The hreflang Tag Generator tool by International SEO Map gives you the proper coding for tagging the right language and country for your site, greatly improving your SEO standing in your target regions.

Completing Your SEO Tool Box

The hunt for quality SEO web tools is a never-ending process. We’re always looking for new apps. Refining your selection of tools to simplify your work output is a necessary evil. By saving yourself a few minutes here and there can have a drastic impact on the quality of your work.

At Method and Metric, we pride ourselves on working accurately and effectively. If you’re interested to see us in action and find out how we can help your business, say hello.

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