What is a CMS and Why Your Business Needs One

by | Jul 16, 2021

In today’s business climate a content management system (CMS) is a fundamental part of hosting and storing information online and a huge asset to your business.

CMS platforms allow businesses to create, host and update their website in an easy, one-stop-shop platform.

These easy to use software applications allow you to easily build your own website from the ground up. This is especially helpful and is a common go-to for small business owners, freelancers or entrepreneurs with little technical knowledge or resources who still require a powerful presence online. 

Why choose a CMS platform? 

Building a website from scratch is a hefty task. Without the help of a CMS platform, coding, HTML and CSS are all required to construct an easily operating website. 

It is a process that is best left to a professional developer. 

For those who don’t have a background in coding, a CMS platform is a user-friendly option to build a website yourself – it handles all of the coding and infrastructure in the back-end so can focus on front end development and content creation. 

A CMS platform also allows you to customize features outside of your pre-designed templates. By installing apps or plug-ins you can add things like scheduling, SEO and more to your site. Often these are accessible through the admin panel of your CMS platform and will help you customize your site. 

Now that we know there are many user-friendly benefits from using a CMS, let’s look at who can benefit from a CMS and how it can help streamline your business set-up, create time in your schedule, and how it can help you create an impactful presence online. 

1. No Coding Know-How Necessary 

With ever changing technology platforms it is now easily accessible for business owners to build robust, user-friendly, intuitive websites without having to know how to write code. 

CMS systems are intelligent enough to build the back-end infrastructure for you so individuals can easily manage their site content, install extensions, control functionality and design their own websites.

This has given the power back to business owners, freelancers or start-ups with little resources to be able to make their mark online. 

2. Team Work Makes the Dream Work 

As a business owner, time and efficiency matter. You will want to weigh the importance of how accessible it is for your team to make changes on your website. 

CMS systems are ideal for collaborating teams. The system allows multiple users to access, and work on the same pages of the website at the same time. 

This means that your marketing team can be uploading a blog and your IT professional installing security systems all at the same time. 

This helps your business to  be more efficient, save your team time and help them be more productive.  

3. Built-In SEO 

CMS platforms will help you streamline and optimize your site for search engines by offering downloadable plug-ins and add-ons. 

These apps will give you access to page title and meta description optimization, create XML sitemaps, add image alt-text, optimize page load times and more. 

4. Pre-Designed Templates

There are plenty of beautiful starter themes on platforms like WordPress or Squarespace which allow businesses to get up and running in little to no time. 

Most CMS platforms come with a wide selection of professionally designed templates for any industry. 

These intuitive templates allow you to easily design and customize the look and feel of your website, all the while helping you cater to all of your audiences. 

Another pro of these templates is that they are built to work across devices. Meaning that your site will automatically format for mobile, and tablets. 

These websites provide already built templates and extensions that you add to your website to customize the functionality, flow and design. 

5. Simply Make Updates

Growth is important for every business and with your business constantly growing, you will want a CMS that can grow with it! 

Whether you’re making big or small changes, CMS platforms permit you to make any changes easily and efficiently. 

Whether you are redesigning your website, updating your blog, adding a product to an e-commerce page or changing an image on your site, CMS platforms make updating your website a breeze. 

WordPress is one of the more popular CMS hosting platforms but there are a handful of them to cater to various aspects of your business.  

When you have to navigate around a platform daily you’ll want a system that works for you. 

CMS platforms allows business owners the freedom to create, update and manage their own website and make their mark online.

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