Integrating Video Into Your SEO Strategy

(This post is from the creative duo of Sean Horlor and Steve Adams of Steamy Window Productions)

Video Is The Newest Addition To The Marketing Mix

When it comes to original content for customers and followers, online video marketing is increasingly proving to be one of the most compelling marketing mediums for businesses of every size. From product demonstrations and testimonials to short-form documentaries and branded entertainment, online video pairs the power of photography with the written word in a dynamic and unforgettable way. That said, creating a video is only the first part of a much bigger picture. Here are a few tips from the team at Steamy Window Productions to help you maximize the marketing value of your next online video campaign.

Online Video Optimization & SEO for Video

YouTube generates over one billion visits every month. In an ideal world, tapping into those enormous audiences should be as easy as posting a video to your profile and letting the views, likes, and comments roll in. If only it was that easy! Your customers and followers need to find your videos online, so optimizing them for Google search and YouTube search is essential. This involves the skillful combination of the following: keyword research, keyword selection, thumbnail data, meta tags, video transcripts, closed captioning, and crafting a strategic YouTube description. We also advise our clients to be proactive and build these SEO strategies into their creative right from the beginning so the concepts for their online videos target and service an existing need online.

Online Video Promotion

Original video content can and should be designed to create a 360-degree experience online, which means today’s video production companies must be multi-platform, multi-media, and multi-skilled. When you’re planning your video shoot, can it be expanded to include original content for Facebook and Twitter or short-form videos for Instagram or Vine? You should also ask whether your production team has a bigger social strategy in mind beyond simply sharing your video or videos on YouTube.

360 degree content experience online thumbnail

Online Video Distribution

In addition to social promotion, consider an earned media campaign or paid sponsorship opportunities to increase the likelihood of a 360-degree content experience online. Think influencers, bloggers, guest posting, giveaways, niche video hosting sites, content aggregators, pre-roll ads, stunt marketing, sponsored posts, and sponsored ads. With online audiences, the sky truly is the limit and the right video marketing strategy can connect you with a global audience in a way that wasn’t possible ten years ago. Again, the distribution should be further optimized for search to make it easier to find your company online. Remember: working with a production company to create a video and sharing it online is only the first two steps of a well-executed video marketing strategy. The best video marketing strategies begin with the end in mind, so make sure to plan for success right from the very beginning of the process.

Steamy Window Productions is a Vancouver-based digital video production company that specializes in branded-content entertainment and online video marketing strategies for travel, tech, and lifestyle brands.

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