ASO Metrics Guide: Measure What Matters

When it comes to selling an app online, there’s nothing more important than being able to measure the success of your campaign. And if you hire a reputable ASO agency to do the heavy lifting for you, you’ll need to ensure that you’re measuring the right metrics to understand how well your app is doing.

Measure the right ASO metrics


The impressions metric indicates how many times your app has been seen by a user in the app store. For example, your app may appear in organic search results, as a featured app, or in a chart or ranking external of the search results. By measuring this metric, you can see how your app is gaining visibility.

App Units

App units show how many times your app has been downloaded for the very first time. This is a neat little metric to show you a high-level view of how successful your app is in the App Store specifically.


Click through rate (CTR) is a metric that measures what percentage of your users click on your app’s icon to enter the app detail. Click through rate is measured by dividing the number of impressions your app has by the number of clicks. For example, your app generates 10,000 impressions and is clicked on 500 times. This would give you a CTR of 20%. Pretty good if you ask us!

We believe that CTR is one of the most important metrics that an app owner can measure. Understanding and seeing gains in your CTR will mean that your ASO efforts are working. After all, surely every business owner wants clicks and downloads, right?

Conversion rate

Where would an online business be without measuring conversion rate? Conversion is measured by the number of downloads divided by page views. For example, you receive 1300 installs from 5,000 page views. This would equate to a conversion rate of 0.26%.

Remember, that conversion rate differs from click-through rate. Conversion rate measures how many users have actively downloaded your app, whereas CTR measures how many people have seen your app and click through to see more detail.

ASO metrics that you can forget about

Downloads and Installations

Your app has been installed 5,000 times – good for you! But, how many of those users open or engage with your app? How many people completed an in-app purchase? Your app could be downloaded a billion times but if no one has opened it, what’s the point in measuring this metric? It won’t help grow your business or provide an accurate representation of usage.

Measuring app downloads or installs alone isn’t worth the time. Looking in more detail and using installs to gain deeper insight is what you need to be focusing on.


Keeping one eye on your demographics can be very useful if you’re targeting a certain location, age, or gender. However, measuring demographics won’t help your ASO efforts or your app store rankings.

Measuring metrics and analyzing the data should be a skill in every business owners toolbox. By learning these base-level ASO metrics, you’ll be able to become more engaged with your app’s journey, make better-informed business decisions, and uncover opportunities for further growth.

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