PageSpeed Insights SEO Tool

Collect an instant analysis of multiple URLs for both desktop and mobile

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Desktop + Mobile

Available for both desktop and mobile analysis.


Page Level Insights

Identifies the problems on each page and provides recommendations on how to improve.



Automates analysis metrics for each URL and potential savings metrics for each one.

Trusted Data

We pull data directly from Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Analyze Multiple URLs at Once

Test multiple URLs at once to find out which pages of your website have slow load times and how to optimize each one.

Desktop + Mobile Results

Gain instant insights for both mobile and desktop.

Actionable Insights

Instantly see recommendations and potential savings.

Performance Score

Review the performance score for an overall PageSpeed summary.

Save Your Data

Save your initial data for a post-changes comparisson. Measure and track improvements.

Help + Support

Find supporting documentation for an easy step-by-step guide to getting your PageSpeed tool set up.

A special thank you to James McNulty at Moz for creating the version that was used to build on.