172.84% (9,954) increase in monthly goal completions from organic search


HeroX.com is a SaaS crowdsourcing platform that connects everyday problem solvers to bring innovative thinking to the world. On Nov 18, 2018, HeroX partnered with Method + Metric with the goal of improving web traffic from organic search sources, such as Google and Bing.

In just 10 short months…

keyword ranking

936 increase in keywords ranking on Google’s first page

organic search


114.10% increase more monthly sessions from organic search

goal completition

172.84% (9,954) increase in monthly goal completions from organic search

Google Impression


209,000 more monthly impressions on Google

monthly clicks


4,764 more monthly clicks on Google


While HeroX’s concept was innovative the back end on their website required significant improvement:

  • High number of well optimized competitor websites
  • Large website with tens of thousands of pages on the site
  • High volume of external links diluting link authority
  • Indexing bloat with lead to poor indexing on various search engines
  • Incorrect hreflang attributions resulting in keyword cannibalization and duplicate content


After auditing the website our team got to work and focused on these critical areas:

  • Hreflang clean up to ensure that correct languages show up for the correct viewers
  • Optimized existing content for target keywords based on competitor rankings
  • Crawl bloat clean up to reduce crawl budget and improve search rankings

The Full SEO Story

HeroX is a platform where problems are solved. It achieves this by connecting those with a problem, with those who have the know-how to solve said problem. Individuals, groups, and organizations can post challenges on HeroX.com. These challenges are open to the public. Anyone can accept a challenge and begin working on a solution.

The winner(s) of a challenge receives a monetary prize. The prize is predetermined and paid by the issuer of the challenge. An additional fee is also paid out to HeroX by the issuer. This is a percentage of the cash prize.

An example of a past challenge is the Space Poop Challenge by NASA, a “competition to source a system that routes and collects human waste away from the body, hands-free, for fully suited astronauts”. It had prizes totaling $30,000 USD and had over 20,000 innovators accept the challenge.

On November 15th, 2018, HeroX partnered with Method and Metric with the goal of improving web traffic from organic search sources, such as Google and Bing. Method and Method Metric continued to provide SEO Services to HeroX until October 2019.

Why Method and Metric?

We are growth marketers with our eyes on the long view, helping you nurture your audience and establish long-lasting trust. This trust is the foundation for business growth, brand visibility, and quality leads.

We offer holistic solutions that work for you and obsess over the right search queries so you reach the most relevant people. Because SEO isn’t just about numbers- it’s about connecting you with the people who can most benefit from your work. Ultimately, we make SEO human.