Fitness Experience


Increased online orders by 36% in two months


Fitness Experience is an e-commerce and brick-and-mortar hybrid business that sells fitness equipment in Western Canada. In November 2018 the company partnered with Method + Metric with the goal of increasing e-commerce revenue, improving search visibility and click-through-rate (CTR). This project was strictly B2C and did not include their commercial site.

fitness equipments

2 months into the project and this is what we saw…

Keyword ranking

298 keyword ranking increase on Google

Google SERP

42% increase in top 20 Google SERP results

bounce rate

97% decrease on bounce rate

mobile visitors

42% increase in mobile users to the site

organic traffic

36.04% increase in order from organic search traffic


Aesthetically, Fitness Experiences website was designed well, but behind the scenes we saw a different story:


  • Insecure internal and external links throughout the site
  • A poor digital presence that failed to target keywords
  • Duplicate content on multiple pages
  • Low organic visibility compared to competitors


Method + Metric got to work focusing on these critical areas:

• Technical SEO optimisation to clean up broken links and excess javascript
Optimized existing content for target keywords based on competitor analysis and rankings
Conversion optimization plan to ensure increased search engine traffic converted into website purchases


“The team at Method and Metric have completely changed my business. When I started using their SEO services, I was a solo practitioner and also somewhat skeptical about spending the money on a service that I wasn’t sure would work. Fast forward to three years of working with the Method and Metric team- I have grown my service-based business to about 4x the size which is above and beyond. The Method and Metric team were absolutely instrumental in my practices’ growth. I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in their services. They are pleasant, communicative, and professional, which is always appreciated.”

Meghan Gelmon, Owner at Sana Counseling

Why Method and Metric?

We are growth marketers with our eyes on the long view, helping you nurture your audience and establish long-lasting trust. This trust is the foundation for business growth, brand visibility, and quality leads.

We offer holistic solutions that work for you and obsess over the right search queries so you reach the most relevant people. Because SEO isn’t just about numbers- it’s about connecting you with the people who can most benefit from your work. Ultimately, we make SEO human.