Conversion Rate Optimization

It’s every e-commerce business owners dream to achieve high conversion rates. We can help make that happen. How? By turning casual browsers into high value customers using conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Your route to higher conversion rates

We’ll analyze your website and its data to find out what your audience is looking for when they arrive on your site. We’ll know whether they’ve come from paid, social, referral, or organic traffic, and how they then engage with your website.

Understanding this information generates unique insight into the behaviour of your customers. And we’ll sift through the data to identify the characteristics and behaviour traits of a customer that converts.

Want to know where drop offs and abandonment occur? We’ll uncover these metrics and optimize pages that present conversion hurdles for your audience.

Conversion rate optimization at its finest encourages your audience to take action. Whether that’s filling in a contact form, subscribing to your awesome newsletter, or creating a new user account.

CRO and KPIs – a match made in heaven

Every business worth their salt has a collection of KPIs that tie into specific business goals. Along with conversion rate, common KPIs in e-commerce include average order value, shopping cart abandonment rate, customer lifetime value, or customer churn.

By marrying CRO with your KPIs, business owners often see themselves reaching their goals faster.

We have a way with words

Producing optimized, conversion-centric copy is no easy task. Our team of in-house copywriters and content writers will craft you copy that converts. We will create content for all stages of your conversion funnel and move away from pages written by your CEO, CFO, or COO — pass the buck to us and watch your conversion rates soar.

We’re lucky at Method and Metric. Not only are we specialists in CRO, our SEO and ASO services provide you with the complete solution to increasing your business’s online visibility. This also means you don’t have to shop around — we’re the one-stop shop for your optimization needs.


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