Method and Metric believe that understanding analytics is at the forefront of business success. Using a range of analytics tools, we interpret your website’s data and extract meaningful information to help you reach your business goals.

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

We’ll report on the basics including click-through rate, SERP rankings, top search queries, top landing pages, backlink information, and insight into how your main competitors are faring. And that’s not all.

We’ll delve above and beyond the garden-variety data to uncover search growth opportunities that align with your business goals.

Need specific recommendations for a particular business occurrence, for example, a new product launch, seasonal campaign, or promotional event? We can help you plan, launch, and track data for a range of business or e-commerce special events.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking and understanding your conversions will show you which campaigns have performed well… and which perhaps need a little more work. Depending on your goal, we’ll measure your purchase success rate, email sign-ups, or contact form submissions. The impact? Your business will have greater transparency when it comes to budgets, ad spends, and allocating recourses.

Customer behaviour is an area that every business owner really wants to know. We can show you customer purchase paths and the steps that they took to get there. User behaviour tracking is no problem for us.


Running an e-commerce business? Our experience in data collection and analysis can help to provide valuable information into your consumer funnels and ultimately help you win more sales and conversions.

Data Accuracy and Authenticity

It’s a given that we’ll set up your analytics data. We’ll also ensure accuracy and data cleanliness, avoiding spam, internal traffic, and data from subdomain or developer work. Implementing filters will give you squeaky clean data that only your true audience has provided.

We’ll share your analytics data in a monthly report. Need more (or less) frequent updates? We can accommodate this, no sweat.


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