Sahar joined the Method + Metric team as a remote marketing strategist a year ago, and went from a packed office of 15 at BC Tech to a remote position on a brand new team, amidst the pandemic.

Sahar worked remotely, via many zoom calls, but never having the chance to meet the team. That was until July of this year, when our offices in Downtown Vancouver reopened and the team was finally able to meet face-to-face. 

In celebration of her one year anniversary with the Method and Metric team, Sahar shares her insights to her year inside, the contrast of joining a team in the middle of a lockdown and what marketing means to her. 

So we spent the last year inside, how did you find remote work and was it an easy transition for you?

At my last position, we had work from Wednesday, so it actually taught me how to be more productive from home, so the transition wasn’t too dramatic. At the same time I was completing my degree online, and had never met my classmates, where the majority of our interactions were online, so working remotely wasn’t too difficult but I did miss the company culture. Even simple things like eating lunch with colleagues, or bouncing ideas off of each other, or having relationships with colleagues is something that was definitely missing during the pandemic. 

Can you tell us a bit about your last position and what lessons you were able to take away from that?

I have a diploma in public relations and an associates degree and had been hired by BC Tech. The position was more in-house marketing, all aspects of digital marketing include social media, blogs, event marketing, email marketing, sponsorship packages for BC Tech. I learned that team work, really does make the dream work. The importance of collaboration and collaboration in a work environment are huge.

What has your experience been like at Method + Metric so far?

You get to work with several different clients in an agency environment, so I’m learning more about each and every industry. Going from a big company to a smaller agency allows you much more ownership over your work along with the opportunity to work directly with clients and manage projects from start to finish. Here I’ve learned how to manage projects directly with clients and see them through from start to finish. 

What are some major lessons you’ve learned at Method + Metric?

I’ve been learning about different aspects of marketing in different agencies. It forces you to be more organized. At first it felt very overwhelming because there are a lot of moving parts but now I’ve learned how to focus on each client individually and organize their projects accordingly. 

“Content can be strategic and it can covert clients”

What about marketing have you learned here that you didn’t know before?

Content can be strategic and that it can convert clients. One big example of that is a client I manage was able to have a huge conversion rate with blog posts and google my business posts and over a year’s time has gained a huge increase in traction. I’ve learned that you should always have an end goal before you begin. 

What are some approaches/advice to new marketers or anyone thinking of getting into marketing?

Always think of the outcome before you start. What do you want the end result to be? Plan backwards. At the end of the day, you’ll want to know what your end goal is and what you want to accomplish? There always needs to be a call to action or conversion. It’s okay to chase awareness, but there should always be a reason for that. Be strategic about content and keywords, and use long tail keywords so that your content ranks. Blogs don’t have to be fluff or filler pieces, good blogs should be educational and help your ranking. How do you retain a customer? In order to keep a client for life, you have to consistently produce something of value and answer questions. 

“At the end of the day, you’ll want to know what your end goal is and what you want to accomplish…it’s okay to chose awareness but there should always be a reason for that.”

What are some aspects of working with clients that you enjoy the most?

I used to work at a crisis line so I’m passionate about mental health and have been for many years. Having the opportunity to work closely with some of our clients who offer counselling is really rewarding for me. Also, my dad worked as a cook and manager for one of our clients since arriving to Canada as an immigrant from Afghanistan, and now I do SEO for them. For me, it’s sentimental growth, or generational career progression moment where I was given and worked really hard for these opportunities that both my parents sacrificed a lot for. 

We’re super happy to have Sahar’s expertise as part of the Method + Metric family and are looking forward to the year ahead for more face-to-face collaborations and converting clients!

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