With not provided being the new normal in Google Analytics for keyword referral data, content is now more important than ever. How can you write good quality content if you don’t know what words are bringing people to your site? The answer has been and will remain to be: know your audience. You will just have to use other metrics to get to know them better. Don’t fret, there are still lots of excellent tools and data available to help you make informed choices. We’ll touch on some of these later in this post.

Without the data to tell you if certain keywords are worth targeting, it can be a crapshoot when trying to write an awesome piece of content. But as a smart man pointed out: awesome content is not luck.

Quality content still takes research, planning, and marketing through the right channels for it to make an impact and spread. But now, you will need to rely more heavily on your other traffic sources like Social Platforms, RSS, and other Search Engines for aggregating the data needed to quantify your content efforts.

Other Google Insights Worth Knowing

Google Analytics still has lots of useful insights to help you make informed decisions about your site’s content. Such as, you can still see which landing pages are bringing you the most traffic, as well as their average SERP rankings. So, if you’re seeing a certain page that is drawing a lot of traffic, you can create a blog post related to that page in order to further touch upon that aspect of your business.

If you want a few other ideas on how to track keywords and how your site is performing, check out this great video by Rand Fishkin of Moz. There are also lots of brilliant keyword tools out there that can help get you started on the right path in creating new content.

To sum up, Google hiding all of that keyword data from us sucks. Big time. But it’s no reason to give up on trying to rank for target keywords or SEO as a whole. This signals the definitive shift from writing to rank to writing to empower. Give your readers new knowledge, and something that is worth sharing. Search Engine Optimization is a very adaptive industry, this is just another adjustment we have to make.