Every year in Vancouver we host the Celebration of Light, a friendly fireworks competition that attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the sandy beaches of English Bay. The event takes place over three nights with a different nation dazzling the audience each evening. The team is judged on five criteria: colour, conceptual presentation, originality, quality of performance, and soundtrack.

With these judging criteria in mind, the competing teams aim to create a 30-minute routine full of awe and wonder. Writing quality content is no different. It takes planning, thought, and lots of practice. Following these 5 judging criteria can help you to write your own amazing content.


One colour is never enough. Competitors are expected to use a wide array of colours in their display of light. The more variety of colours a team uses, the better the score. And just like a fireworks display, your content pieces should have a little variety too. They shouldn’t always be about one thing, mix it up. Write about different aspects of your business or industry.

Conceptual Presentation:

Do you like to crazy, random appeal of a Catherine Wheel? Or are you a simple sparkler kind of person? Each firework has it’s own conceptual presentation and your content should be no different. Think about what you want to really express with your content. Who exactly do you want to reach? What’s the concept? Have a clearly defined direction planned out and strategized.

Remember that you can’t present your content if you don’t have an audience. Building a solid social media following and share your work on as many channels as possible. Use different media to keep it interesting, for example, videos, infographics, and podcasts are great ways to get your message to the eyes and ears of your target audience. The easier content is to find and the easier to understand the likely it will be shared around the web. Keep it simple and original.


Be original. Get creative. With fireworks, a winning performance tries new things and takes risks. You should strive to do the same when creating your content. Tell your story, write about what interests you and the readership will come.

Quality of Performance:

It doesn’t matter if it’s the most spectacular collection of fireworks or the greatest idea ever shared on the internet – if you don’t execute it well, your message will get lost in the noise. Quality over quantity is always best. So, research, prepare and practice because that’s where quality is born. And be sure to always prepared to adjust if things are working well. Your ability to react quickly to trouble is essential to success.


In fireworks, music can make or break a performance. It sets the mood and message of the whole show. The same can be said about content writing. Choosing the right voice and tone to share your message is almost as important as the message itself. Humour, empathy, and informative are all helpful elements in sharing your message.

Good content is integral to good SEO. Have fun with it and the audience will follow.

Oh, and we all love the Brazilain flair, right? Here’s their 2012 fireworks entry – we recommended skipping to the 22-minute mark.