As you no doubt already know, SEO is a game of inches; one little move can send your rankings skyrocketing or plummeting in an instant. But more often than not it’s a combination of these little tweaks that deliver the best results. Below are a few more examples of quick ways to positively affect your SEO strategy.

1. Update Page titles

Page Titles are arguably the most important piece to any web page’s SEO. It sets the foundation and direction of the page. The Title tells the viewer and web crawlers what that page is about. Make sure the page’s targeted keywords are used at the beginning of the title, as it’s the first thing people see. Having a descriptive title makes it easier for people to navigate back to your page if they have multiple tabs open in their browser, as you can see below.

SEO tactics - Optimized Meta Titles

2. Add Descriptive Alt tags to images

Images are a great way to add a bit of style and excitement to, an otherwise boring, website. But web crawlers aren’t very good at figuring out what all those pictures are about. So that is where Alt Tags come in. They give you the ability to tell the web crawlers what each image is about. Similar to above, use targeted keywords to describe the image and make sure they are related to the page they are on.

3. Have a Sitemap

Make sure your website has an XML Sitemap in the root folder. This is the easiest way to tell the web-crawlers how many pages exist on your site. It also offers your site’s visitors an easy way to find exactly what they’re looking for. You can quickly generate an XML sitemap for FREE at

What techniques do you use to give your websites a quick boost?