Search Engine Optimization is a game of patience, which can be tough to swallow when you see your rankings and site traffic start to slip. It’s important to assess the damage, so to speak, and figure out why your traffic might be down. Hastily taking action to try and get your rankings up never works. I believe in the mantra of slow and steady wins the race, but in the results-driven digital era, you need to act fast and see positive improvements even faster.

Here are three quick ways to help improve your visibility in searches now:

1. Update Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the little snippets of information found directly below the title in the search results. This tells the viewer what that page is about. Be concise, you only have 165 characters to work with. It is important to include the target keywords for that page in the description. One important thing to keep in mind when writing your new description is to write like you speak, don’t just fill it with keywords. It needs to offer information about that page and lead the viewer to take action.

SEO Consulting -Meta description in search results

2. Set Up a Google Places profile

Almost all businesses have a Google Places page, it’s just a matter of setting it up properly. When you activate your profile you can add a description, images, and even videos while always keeping your target keywords in mind. The important part comes when you get to the Services section. Make sure to be thorough and include all of the different areas that you service. You can learn more about Google Places and its benefits over on Ad Hoc Marketing.

3. Be Social

It’s pretty clear that there are many benefits to Social Media; it offers people a chance to connect 1 on 1 with your brand; it’s an affordable way to reach your target market, and you can show the World what your brand is about. These are all great reasons to be active on social networks, but how does it affect SEO? This poignant article by Jeff Bullas explains that the more a page gets shared on social channels, the more authority it garners.

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